Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sg Lembing's Nature

view of Sg Lembing town from Panorama hill

Standing at the other side, you can see the sun rise

Wonderful contour of mountain

Day still yet to visited by sun, the tranquility already broken by all the hikers

Everyone is waiting for the sun rise, including tress...

Hanging bridge is the special spots at Sg Lembing's town

hanging bridge links human to the town for necessities

A view from museum

Window from museum upstair

i like this kind of type writter... remember my uncle got one last time

Sg Lembing's town - with big trees

Old folks joined the crown for the rainbow waterfall

A small child was wondering.. in front of the rainbow.

Three little kids bringing water from the waterfall to cook for cup mee

waterfall with so little water ?

a rainbow is just residing at the hand held distance