Saturday, July 25, 2009

Discovery of Melaka

Melaka is really adored by plenty of photo enthusiasms.
It is a city that never sleep, with its charming-red color shining on her faces.
Recognised as a world heritage site made it more gorgeous to the world, it is rich with its cultures, food, livings and relaxations.

Why not you just explore it's hiding side by your own ?
and below are mine;

Christ Church of Melaka

walkway heading to Christ Church

A Famosa

St. Paul Hill

by 25 July 09

Nichii Fashion Show - 25July09

Unintentionally found out this fashion show on-the-go by the bombardment of music from the surrounding space... my curiosity was strong enough today to move both of my legs to the crowd. My eyes opened BIG and SHARP when seeing pretty ladies showing their best charming to their audience :):) Applause from the ground brought the hot show for Nichii.

Too bad, my flash was left out and I set the ISO to largest to capture. However, there are noise on the photo...

Seems like no perfect case. Like I earned this show unintentionally, and so lucky that I had my camera with me, but I lost something to best quality.

Those models are quite pretty; one looks like yanzi, one looks like lee sin yi (988 dj)..

Which model you would like the most?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Broga Hill + Sepang Gold Coast

A doggie seen at Broga Hill
timid doggie dare not to jump down from the stone.
awaiting his master to put her down

Three black suits ninja appeared at Broga Hill
rushing for their mission
Align Center

enjoy and relax on Sunday morning
this is life~~

this is not the advertisement for old town coffee
this is my feel of Broga hill
it should looks like this in evening

Sepang gold coast - blue-ish peace

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Animal's rendezvous

Some of photos taken at Zoo last weekend .... weather quite hot...a lot of animals busy sleeping... and myself busy sweating.... eyes not really can focus well... bought myself an Wall's ice cream with some blueberry's flavour.