Saturday, July 25, 2009

Nichii Fashion Show - 25July09

Unintentionally found out this fashion show on-the-go by the bombardment of music from the surrounding space... my curiosity was strong enough today to move both of my legs to the crowd. My eyes opened BIG and SHARP when seeing pretty ladies showing their best charming to their audience :):) Applause from the ground brought the hot show for Nichii.

Too bad, my flash was left out and I set the ISO to largest to capture. However, there are noise on the photo...

Seems like no perfect case. Like I earned this show unintentionally, and so lucky that I had my camera with me, but I lost something to best quality.

Those models are quite pretty; one looks like yanzi, one looks like lee sin yi (988 dj)..

Which model you would like the most?

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